Steam Sale Small Stores

This is an always expanding collection of websites that offer game deals on Steam games and Steam sales. If you're looking for a good deal on steam games, look here! Just like all small websites, please be careful and make sure to not reveal any personal or sensitive information.

List of small sites:

  • Sila Games: Great Key Seller that deals both licensed Steam and UPlay CD keys. New deals on Steam games every week
  • Bundle Stars: Get Massive 80-90% discounts on various game bundles. All sales are on Steam games.
  • IndieGala: Website that sells both Bundles and individual games. Plenty of giveaways/free steam games as well.
  • Buy Steam games, earn coins, and use coins to get free games!
  • GamersGate: High quality key reseller that always has popular steam games on sale.
  • is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online.
  • DailyIndieGame: HUNDREDS of indie games on sale for literal pennies. Prices start at $0.02, so the games are basically free.
  • Groupees: Similar to Humble Bundle, Groupees runs unique sales on music, games, ebooks & films, benefiting charities around the world.
  • Nuuvem: Nuuvem is a digital games store for PC, Mac and Linux. Discover, buy and download popular games instantly.
  • Gray Market Key Resellers

    Gray Market Key Resellers are a great way to find cheap games, BUT come with their own risks. Gray-market or unauthorized key resellers are retailers that DO NOT work directly with publishers to sell their game keys. Instead they'll buy codes from regions where games happen to be cheaper or through third-party sellers. These third-parties are generally unknown to the end buyer, which makes it a blind purchase. Therefore, be careful when buying from these websites as you CAN be scammed.

    List of Gray Market Key Resellers

  • G2A
  • GamesDeal
  • Cheapshark